Top 5 Jobs Abroad – List of Best Jobs you can get abroad

Top 5 Jobs Abroad – There are several career opportunities available for you, whether you decide to take a break or change careers. We’ve gathered some of the most fascinating positions you can take abroad.

Nothing can help you clear your head and give you a fresh perspective like a change of environment. Don’t lose hope if you don’t have access to a vacation bank account because, unfortunately, bills must be paid in some other way. There are plenty of amazing programs available to help you get started, making working and travelling overseas easier than ever.

Check out our list of the top abroad jobs for 2023 if you’re prepared to leave your 9 to 5 work in search of fresh opportunities. After all, it’s never too early to begin looking into the best international job opportunities.

Why these jobs are the “best

Not every job abroad is equal, just like at home. When choosing between employment opportunities abroad and the ideal program, a variety of factors are looked into. Are you a risk-taker? Do you prefer a country in West Europe or do you wish to fully engage yourself in a different culture? Would you rather continue with English or learn another language? Will you require a visa in order to find employment in your ideal location?

There are so many things to consider; the best course of action is to work with a respected program that has decades of experience placing students just like you into your desired positions abroad.

You will undoubtedly have the best time whether your “office” is a boardroom, a family’s house, an ESL school, or any other location.

This list of the top international jobs is the result of our selection of some of the most well-liked programs, which we based on actual reviews, with an emphasis on participant happiness, fascinating employment, decent pay, and a variety of different locations and nations.

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Top 5 jobs abroad to consider

Why do you still wait? Select the work abroad program of your dreams for 2023 and begin planning for the adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Teaching English in South Korea (Greenheart Travel)—9.3 Rating

It goes without saying that teaching English as a foreign language is the mother of all international jobs and one of the best abroad jobs for English speakers. From South America to Europe, Asia, and Africa to name a few, there are practically unlimited options to teach English abroad. However, South Korea has always been among the most sought-after locations due to the considerable benefits that teachers can receive in addition to their regular salaries, which also fall on the upper end of the scale. Consider free accommodations, paid holidays, and even yearly bonuses.

One of the most sought-after programs for teaching in South Korea is Greenheart Travel because it can be hard to navigate the private and public school systems by yourself. They assist you every steps of the way, making sure all of your documentation is submitted properly and ensuring that nothing will stand in the way of your aspirations of working abroad.

International teaching can develop into a fulfilling and difficult career that will allow you to explore the world for a prolonged period of time. It is not just a job for work placements. Additionally, you can gather thousands of dollars in savings from your placement to add to your travel budget and enable you to fully explore this lovely nation.

  • Job kind: Teaching English Abroad
  • location: South Korea
  • Average salary: monthly basic pay of $1,600 and free accommodation
  1. Au Pair in Australia (Interexchange)—10.0 Rating

Want to experience local life, be a member of a family and make a difference in the lives of some beautiful kids while making money to visit Australia? If so, becoming an au pair in Australia is the right solution; it’s one of the greatest occupations for English speakers abroad. Young explorers who desire to work abroad can consider becoming an au pair because the cost of accommodation and food is completely covered and you receive a weekly allowance that can be used to supplement your travel budget.

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In one of Australia’s major cities, Interexchange can assist you in finding a fantastic host family for 6 to 12 months. They’ll also place you with a new family if you desire to continue on trips after your initial placement if you don’t feel like it. At the conclusion of your placement, end-of-program bonuses will be the highlight of your experience and allow you to further explore Australia.

  • Job kind: Au Pair Jobs
  • location: Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth
  • Average salary: Weekly salaries range from $200 to 340 dollars (even higher if you possess childcare knowledge), with a $500 end-of-the-year bonus.
  • Recommended: Read InterExchange reviews 
  1. Au Pair with (LoPair) in China—8.4 Rating

When you have the chance to work overseas, there is no better method to learn a language than by fully blending into a foreign culture. Why not challenge the odds and learn Chinese in China while living with a great host family there and experiencing the customs and culture there firsthand?

The experience is completed by everyday practice with your host family and weekly language lessons, which will help you become fluent quickly. Your primary responsibilities will be providing childcare and speaking English with the children in exchange for free housing, meals, and language classes, as well as round-trip foreign flights (depending on how long you stay), and a reward at the conclusion of your program.

  • Job kind: Au Pair Jobs
  • location: China
  • Average salary: With lodging, board, and language lessons added in, a monthly allowance of about $150 is received.
  • Recommended: Read LoPair China reviews 
  1. Hospitality and Wellness Jobs (Instituto Hemingway) in Spain—9.0 Rating
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Imagine working with an amazing multinational team, learning Spanish, and enjoying snacks on your days off while awakening to the Spanish sun each day. Instituto Hemingway’s hospitality jobs may be the best option for your quest for the top jobs abroad.

You will not only acquire a new language but also have all of your living expenses, such as lodging and three square meals per day, paid for. In addition to getting excellent work knowledge in a diverse workplace, you can spend your free time visiting the lovely beaches and public squares. Programs at Instituto Hemingway range in length from one to twelve months.

  • Job kind: Hospitality and Wellness
  • location: Spain
  • Average salary: Around €200 monthly in pocket money in addition to all meals and accommodation
  • Recommended: Read Instituto Hemingway reviews
  1. Working Holidays (BUNAC)—8.0 Rating

Working holidays may be the ideal option for young, adventurous people. A working holiday visa in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand may be available to you if you’re between ages of 18 and 35. One of the respected organizations, BUNAC, assists many adventurers in funding their global travels.

The options for working holidays are nearly endless, ranging from office jobs to picking fruit, retail jobs to service jobs.

BUNAC plans group travel, facilitates working holiday travelers’ sense of belonging and assists with the visa application process and vacation planning. The sole query is your preferred starting nation.

  • Job kind: Working Holiday Jobs
  • location: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland
  • Average salary: Depending on the location and type of employment. The hourly salary in Australia is approximately $17.
  • Recommended: Read BUNAC program reviews

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